EU wants to restrict single market access to UK

Brussels: The European Union (EU) wants to restrict the UK's access to the single market if there is a dispute after Brexit, according to a leaked document.
The power to suspend "certain benefits" would apply during the post-Brexit transition phase before the final arrangements come into force, the BBC reported on Wednesday, citing the document.
If referring a dispute to the EU court would take too long, the withdrawal agreement "should provide for a mechanism allowing the Union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the United Kingdom from participation in the internal market", the document said.
However, it did not go into detail about what disputes could trigger the powers being used, or which parts of the single market could be suspended.
In response, a spokesman of Britain's Department for Exiting the EU said: "This is a draft document produced by the EU that simply reflects their stated directives."
British Prime Minister Theresa May will chair the first of two key Brexit meetings with her senior ministers later on Wednesday as the government faces more calls to clarify the UK's position.
The first Brexit cabinet committee will focus on Northern Ireland and immigration, while trade will be discussed on Thursday.

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