Britain boosts aid, trade measures to support Ukraine

London: New ambulances, fire engines, funding for health experts and life-saving medical supplies are being donated to Ukraine as part of the UK's continued steadfast solidarity in the country's ongoing conflict with Russia, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.

According to Downing Street, there have been more than 130 attacks on healthcare facilities since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began in February and the United Nations (UN) has recorded around 4,800 civilian casualties. More than 100 fire stations and 250 fire engines have also been destroyed in Ukraine.

"We have all been appalled by the abhorrent images of hospitals deliberately targeted by Russia since the invasion began over two months ago, said Johnson. The new ambulances, fire engines and funding for health experts announced today will better equip the Ukrainian people to deliver vital health care and save lives. Together with our military support, we will help to strengthen Ukraine's capability to make sure [Russian President] Putin's brutal invasion fails, he said. On Monday, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace gave the House of Commons an update on the military aid provided to Ukraine, which to date has been provided more than 5,000 anti-tank missiles, five Air Defence systems with more than 100 missiles, 1,360 anti-structure munitions, and 4.5 tonnes of plastic explosives by the UK. "And in response to indiscriminate bombing from the air, and escalations by President Putin's forces, on March 9 I announced that the UK would supply Starstreak high velocity and low velocity anti-air missiles. I am able to now report to the House that these have been in-theatre for over three weeks and they have been deployed and used by Ukrainian forces to defend themselves and their territory, he said.

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