Biden should tell Pak to stop proxy war in Afghanistan: Diaspora

Washington: Members of the Afghan-American community on Friday held a welcome rally in support of their visiting President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Dr Abdullah Abdullah in which they urged US President Joe Biden to ask Pakistan to stop a "proxy war" in Afghanistan.

We are here to support Afghan troops and Afghan national army and security forces. We want the United States to end the proxy war in Afghanistan supported by Pakistan establishment, Mirwais Safi, an Afghan-American told the media in front of the White House, hours before President Joe Biden met the visiting Afghan leaders at his Oval Office.

The Afghan-Americans also urged the Biden administration to refrain from sending money to Pakistan. Because they (Pakistan) are definitely supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. We are gathered here to welcome our President Ashraf Ghani and the delegation. But our main purpose of this rally is to stop the proxy war in Afghanistan, where Pakistan has been supporting all the terrorist groups in the region, Ashraf said in his address to the participating Afghans. They are trying to destabilise the region. We all know that Pakistan is sponsoring all the terrorist groups in Afghanistan and also send them to other countries to destabilise the region, he said.

So, our main goal and demand from the US and Afghan government is to come with a fundamental decision to put all the terrorist groups, and drag them to international courts and especially Pakistan as they have to speak with them and show their face to the international community, to the UN, he said.

They have proof and evidence that Pakistan has been sponsoring and supporting alternative groups in Afghanistan, Sharif alleged.

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