Biden: Americans should not worry about nuclear war

Washington DC: US President Joe Biden said on Monday Americans should not worry about a nuclear war after Moscow put its nuclear deterrent on high alert amid a barrage of Western reprisals over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In response to a question about whether US citizens should be concerned about a nuclear war breaking out, Biden said "no." White House officials said earlier in the day the United States sees no reason to change its nuclear alert levels at this time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

But it's also important to remember that, even over the course of the last several months and years, when we have had significant disagreements with Russia over a range of issues, Russia and the United States have long agreed that nuclear use would have devastating consequences and have stated many times, including earlier this year, that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, she said in response to a question.

Throughout the crisis, Russia and President Putin have falsely alleged that it is under threat, including from Ukraine, including from NATO, she noted.

Neither the United States nor NATO has any desire or intention for conflict with Russia. And we think provocative rhetoric like this regarding nuclear weapons is dangerous, adds to the risk of miscalculation, should be avoided, and we'll not indulge in it, Psaki said.

There's no question that what we've seen from President Putin, whether it is escalatory rhetoric as it relates to nuclear capabilities and nuclear intentions -- something that is in direct conflict with something President Putin, himself, and the Russians committed to -- had an alternate -- committed to something else just a year ago, or whether it is the speech he gave last week where he questioned the sovereignty of the country of Ukraine at all, or the actions he's taking right now, she said.

Those are not actions of a global leader that should be treated with respect on the global stage, Psaki said.

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