35 killed after fire breaks out in shop near Benin’s capital

Porto Novo: A fire in a commercial building south of Benin’s capital has killed at least 35 people, authorities said, as they started an investigation.

The gutted and burned ruins of a building in Seme-Podji, 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of the capital Porto-Novo, and the charred remains of cars and motorcycles was all that could be seen in the aftermath of the fire in footage by Benin’s public broadcaster.

A fire official told broadcaster ORTB that the accident happened at a site known for the storage and handling of gasoline.

Passersby rescued three people before firefighters arrived, the official, Dallys Ahouangbegnon, added.

The fire broke out on Saturday morning and was “probably started during the unloading of bags of gasoline”, Beninese prosecutor Adam-Bongle Abdoubaki said in a statement published on local outlet

The dead included one child while more than a dozen people were

injured, he said.

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