‘Women’s problems cannot be solved by selfie’

“It was a sweet initiative: was a good initiative, there is no harm, but I thought it is an urban initiative, the initiative is meant for those who have smart phones with them,” Richa told in an interview here.

“The problems of the female —dowry, sexual harassment, eve teasing and others — cannot be solved by selfie or anything like that,” she said.

Richa, along with Vicky Kaushal, Shwetha Tripathi and director Neeraj Gheywan, was in the city to promote Masaan, which is slated to release on July 24 in the country. The film portrays the relationship between a father and her daughter amid troubled times. Asked about Bollywood films on father-daughter relationship she liked the most and how these were different from Masaan, Richa said Mili and Daddy were two films that portrayed father-daughter relationship in a beautiful way.

However, these two films are altogether different from Masaan - the father here is not at all supportive and rude to the character of Devi she is playing in the film, she said.

“In my film the father is not at all supportive. He is not nice to her at all; he is rude to her, though it is justifiable from the point of view of which society he comes from,” she said. 

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