Woman held for trying to kidnap baby in hospital

‘A woman gave birth to a male baby and subsequently she along with the baby was shifted to bed no. 01 in ward 9,’ said a police official.

On that day, in the morning, a seemingly well-educated and well-dressed lady came to the ward and started to enquire the patients about the gender of the new born babies. ‘The woman was also carrying stethoscope with her.  She was not interested in girl babies.  Later, she came to Meera, the mother of the baby boy,  and after confirming the gender, she lifted the baby on the pretext of checking. Meera assumed that she was a doctor at the hospital,’ said a police officer.

The accused then said the baby needs immediate medical check-up and the doctor concerned was available at the nearby ward.  She told the mother to take rest and that she would take the baby herself to the doctor.

‘Arvinder Kaur, Meera’s landlady who was also present there, followed the woman.  She noticed that after walking for a short distance, the woman kept her stethoscope in her purse and started walking fast.  On suspicion, Kaur overpowered her and took the baby from her.  But the woman managed to escaped,’ said a police official.

But she was soon apprehended by the others, who were alerted by the scuffle that took place.

‘During investigation, stethoscope and other baby articles were recovered from her possession. Further investigation is under way,’ said a police official.
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