‘Will wait rather than being part of Bollywood rubbish’

What’s your role in The Bastard Child all about?
I play the character of Fida, who is Indraneil Sengupta’s wife. Indraneil plays a journalist and then the story follows how his wife get abducted by Pakistani soldiers. It is one of the three stories which are part of the movie. The movie is based on 1971 Independence War of Bangladesh.

How was it like working with names like Farooque Shaikh, Victor Banerjee and Indraneil Sengupta in the film?
It was a wonderful experience. I would say more than acting, it was a learning experience. Farooque has been a veteran in Bollywood and sharing shots with him was a pleasure. Both Victor and Indraneil have been from Bengali cinema too, so bonding with them was easier and great going.

You have been a part of hit Bengali alternate cinema, but why aren’t you seen in Bollywood alternate cinema now?
It is because I choose the best of what I get. I rather work here in Bengal and concentrate on the offers than wait for all the Bollywood rubbish to get over with. Am much more keen to act in any new wave cinema if I am offered one by Bollywood fraternity.

What about your sister, Riya Sen who has almost vanished from Bollywood after being seen in glamorous roles.
She is also doing Bengali cinema now along with me. Not being a part of Bollywood any more is her call and if she thinks any role is apt for her, am sure you would see her there soon. About me, I am back with The
Bastard Child
. My other Hindi films include No Rules for Fools with Vinay Pathak and Tanuja Chandra’s next titled Raakh.

When do we see the three (your mother, sister and you) together in a film?
We are working on a Bengali film titled Kolkata Calling. We are going to start shooting for the film from coming January. The rest you have to wait and watch.

What is happening on your romantic front?
Not much of news is there on that front. I have been linked with many stars, some true and some false in the past. If any plans materialise, I will definitely come out in the media about that.

Which Bollywood director you are dying to work with?

Mani Ratnam, without a doubt. I have immense admiration for all his films like Dil Se, Bombay, Yuva and Guru.

Coming from an illustrous Bollywood film family, did acting come naturally to you?
Oh yes. Me and my sister decided to become actors quite early in our life. We used to visit film sets with our mother and grandmother during our young days. At that time we used to get awed by make up and camera. I think those were the major deciding factors for our career.

Do you see any contrast between Bollywood and Bengali cinema?
For me a film is a film, be it from any place. Since Bollywood is a national platform, it is hence more sought after, reputed and more people would like to get their first break there. It even has more money involved as compared to other regional cinema.
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