When spiders forced Berry to leave her house

Actress was forced to move out of her Hollywood home after a gardener found a colony of black widow spiders under a lawn chair in her pool area.

The Oscar-winning star says she freaked out when she realised the poisonous spiders were living beneath a chair she used every other day - and left the house until they had been destroyed.

'(There were) hundreds under this lawn chair that we would all sit on around the pool every other day. We found out there was a whole village, a colony of black widows...One of the gardeners decided he should clean it and when he looked under it was like, Argh!' quoted her as saying. 'I just left... I said, I'm gonna leave and you're gonna have to handle that because I can't stand spiders... I don't even like Daddy Long Legs (crane flies),' she added.
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