When PC got barfis!

Actress Priyanka Chopra was in for a sweet surprise when her fans in Marrakech got some home-made barfis for her.

The actress visited the 12th Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), in Marrakech, Morocco, where her film Barfi! was screened.

‘It is not a local sweet, so Priyanka was very moved to see the lengths that her fans had gone for her. A lot of them had actually got the (barfi) recipe online and prepared it specially for her at home,’ said a source.

But that’s not all. Ever since Priyanka has worked in Barfi!, in which she played autistic girl Jhilmil, she has been getting barfis at every occasion.

‘No matter where she goes, she is being treated to the sweet and she very sportingly puts aside her diet concerns and indulges in the treats,’ said the insider.

‘During Diwali, even though she wasn’t around, most of her fans had sent in boxes of barfi addressed to Jhilmil Chopra,’ the insider added.
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