When parrot perched on Anne Hathaway’s head

Actress Anne Hathaway recently had an interesting encounter with a parrot, who sat on her head.

The actress has given voiceover for a parrot named Jewel in the animated franchise Rio, but when Hathaway met her real-life counterpart on Friday she got more than she bargained for at the Miami Walk Of Fame inaugural event, reports 

The 31-year-old found herself in the awkward position of having a blue bird perched on her head as it took pecks at her scalp almost immediately after she was introduced to the fowl.

Thankfully, the star is a good sport as she laughed and smiled during the uncomfortable ordeal. But the bird was clearly enamoured with the actress' skull as it nibbled vigorously at her brunette head.
And that was not the only creature to get a bit too close for comfort with Anne, as a white anteater also nuzzled up to her as she shrieked with both excitement and delight. 
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