When inexplicable fury caught 3 cops off guard

In three bizarre incidents reported from posh South Delhi localities, a traffic constable making traffic arrangements for Rajnath Singh’s entourage was allegedly slapped thrice by an unidentified man, another head constable’s finger was allegedly fractured by a drunk foreigner and a beat constable was thrashed by an autorickshaw driver, shouting slogans in support of Arvind Kejriwal.

The first of the three incidents was reported on May 18 by a traffic head constable, identified as Ramnath, who was reportedly deployed at South Delhi’s Aurobindo Marg for clearing the route for a tentative movement of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s cavalcade in the evening. The cop noticed a black Honda City car blocking the road and started looking for its driver. 

When the driver couldn’t be found, he called up for a crane for the car to be towed away, but the crane driver reportedly informed that he was stuck in a huge traffic jam in South Delhi, said a police source.

When the constable reportedly took out his phone to record the car’s registration number, the driver returned. He immediately snatched the cop’s phone and when he tried to argue, the unidentified man allegedly slapped him thrice and fled after returning his phone.

In the second incident reported on the same day, a head constable in Lajpat Nagar was reportedly informed about a “foreigner” who was in an inebriated state early in the morning and throwing away money on the road. When the cop went up to him to ask what was he <g data-gr-id="41">upto</g>, the man, claiming to be a <g data-gr-id="42">German-national</g>, identified himself as Benzi (25).

When the <g data-gr-id="29">policamen</g> asked him further questions, he refused to answer and continued with his allegedly crazy charade. 

When the cop insisted, the youth crooked his finger and ran away towards a nearby slum. He was reportedly never seen there again. When the cop later went for an X-ray, his finger was reported to have been fractured, said the police source.

In the third incident reported near Sarojini Nagar market on Tuesday evening, constable Jitender politely asked an autorickshaw driver to park his auto aside, as the approach road was too congested. 

Suddenly, the autorickshaw driver started shouting slogans in the name of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and claimed that now a commoner could get a cop fired. When the cop tried to pacify him, the man, identified as Riyaz Khan, allegedly started beating him up. Khan was later arrested, the police source added. 
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