Wear neon denims to office on Saturday

I am a 24-year-old. I am short but I love wearing hot pants and short skirts. Can I still wear them even though I don’t have a great height?

You can surely go in for hot pants and skirts, if you remember a strict guideline. Instead of contrasts, you will have to play in tone-on-tone. Like with a denim hot pants or skirts, stick to something from the blue family, instead of pink.

A close friend of mine has advised me to re-organise my wardrobe. I would like some advice from you on that.

It’s a great idea to re-organise your wardrobe. This gives you a clear idea about what all you have, what you can throw away and what you need to invest in. While re-organising, basic clothing essentials should always be kept in mind. From formal trousers, to crispy white shirt, to a nice traditional sari, a nice skirt, a little black dress etc.

I am a 25-year-old man. My cousin’s wedding is coming up for which I need to wear something ethnic. How do I incorporate Western sensibility in my Indian attire?

Men always look dapper in Indianwear if they can carry it off well. You can try teaming a textured kurta with a nice waistcoat and finish your look with a scarf tied in a different way. Loafers or moccasins can complete your look. This look will make you look stylish as well as give you comfort. Jodhpur pants with short kurta and a waistcoat can also be an option.

It seems graphic printed saris are very in this season. How do I style them for a maximum effect?

Go for saris that have half digital prints and half solid colour. Choose from a range of quirky prints and team them with nice tops. A good pair of earrings can complete your look. You can create this graphic print look yourself, by mixing 3-3 printed fabrics of your choice and exchanging borders.

I really like the colour denims trend. Will it be a good idea to wear them to office? What should I team them with?

The colourful denim or the neon trend that you are talking about is really catching on these days, but it’s too casual to be worn in office until and unless you are in some  creative field. However, it can be a good option for Saturday dressing. Team it with grey, only then can you minimise the colour effect. Even while going out with friends, don’t overdo with coloured denims.

I am an IT professional. This Diwali I want to invest in some jewellery piece. Can you please suggest a versatile piece?

Jewellery is always a great buy, especially these days when the price of gold is soaring high. Go for a nice pair of earrings. The design shouldn’t be too traditional. An armlet can also be a good option if you are into Westerns. Otherwise pearls are for all seasons, they will make you look dainty. And you can also opt for girl’s best friend — diamonds. For more queries MAIL US AT
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