Wear clothes that accentuate the frame

I have a flat chest for which I feel very embarrassed. What type of clothes will suit me and will solve the problem to some extent?

Always go for semi fitted clothes, this will looks good on you. Light Patterned and striped tops will look nice ,team up with dark coloured  bottoms. Empire waistlines and full sleeve tops are a big yes for you. Apart from this, skirt and puffed sleeve blazers will make you look elegant.

My age is 30, weight is between 45/50 kgs. Can I wear short dresses and mini skirts?

Age is not a factor. If you have that courage and confidence than you can wear any outfits you like, moreover you are neither fat nor thin so you are likely to try any cuts of dresses. But do not wear figure enhancing clothes which may look bad on you. A good blend of well tailored clothes and your confidence will make all the difference.

I am 38, and I have a good figure too, can you suggest some dress types that will frame my figure more beautifully?

Since you are blessed with good figure, and a tall frame, half of your job is done. Try choosing from maxi dress which clinches at the waist, a nice palazzo with georgette sheer shirt can also help increasing your fashion quotient. Wear clothes that will accentuate your frame.

I am 23 and my height is 5’4 but I  am bulky. I skip almost all good outfits, please help on dress type that will best suit me?

There is nothing to feel bad. Beauty is something that always shines from within and moreover there are varieties of dresses that will satisfy your demand without making you look fat.

Wear straight tops which will not add to your with well fitted trousers.

Wear prints so that the attention is not on your flabs at all! Moreover knee length quarter sleeve floral dresses will make you look sober with an easy to go attire. You can go for quarter pants with some nice tee’s which will flaunt you dressing sense.

As it is summer time, what will b the type of clothes that will be comfortable as well as stylish.

Summer time we all know is all about lot of sweating, and uneasy feeling. And the questions arise, how we will feel comfortable, so the answer is to choose all light colour  clothes during day and for the night dark colored clothes are fine to some extent, provided you stick to summer fabrics like cotton, linen, chanderi etc. Light coloured or floral printed straight fit trousers teamed up with crisp white shirt will be comfortable and will successfully make a fashion statement.

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