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We need decentralisation of development model, says MP Satpal Maharaj

We concentrated only on already developed regions, and the remaining regions remained cut-off from the mainstream development, said the member of parliament from Garhwal, Uttrakhand Satpal Maharaj on Sunday.

He further added, ‘To preserve our tradition and culture, we are now focusing on the holistic development of the state. We are making extensive tours to every length and breadth of the state to know and understand the ground realities of the villagers, and making sincere efforts to sort out their problems. It is a time-consuming process, but where there is a will, there is a way.’

The senior Congress leader shared his views while discussing on different subjects. He reiterated, ‘To reach higher hill places alternatives routes should also be developed. As it will control the flow of traffics on the regular routes, and it will also create an opportunity to other less known places to develop business centers. Due to inaccessibility, the development has not reached to the certain villages. Connectivity is the foremost priority for development of any region.’

He informed that Vidhan Sabha building at Gairsen will be completed within 18 months. As it lies at the heart of the state, it will strengthen the bond of people of Garhwal and Kumaon region and also generate employment opportunities for the local youths. The migration of youths will also be checked to some extent. We are also implementing self-reliant schemes to promote cottage and small-scale industries.

Talking on the tourism potential of the state, he said, ‘There is no dearth of tourist places in our state which has not been tapped to the maximum potential due to poor management since the formation of this state. The Tehri dam can be developed as a hot tourist spot by introducing pedestrian track, cycling track where tourists can enjoy outdoor activities in the close proximity of nature. The tourists are ready to pay for the facilities that will be provided for their outing and recreation.’

On the recent statement of state governor Dr Aziz Qureshi merging Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari dialects to form a new dialect, he replied that it will kill the identities of the local people. It is our mother-tongue and our forefathers used to communicate and feel pride using it. The mixing of dialects is like an insult to our rich culture and tradition which had been passed from generation to generation.

Recently, MP Satpal along with vice-president of India Hamid Ansari and Uttarakhand tourism minister Amrita Rawat visited Peru and met their president Carlos Canales. The MP told their ecology and environment is similar to our higher hilly areas, so we are planning to exchange our popular crops.  We are planning to produce their local Quinoa crop, which will bring protein revolution in the state. As per World Health Organization (WHO) reports, it is complete diet which is rich in protein and low in cholesterol. As hilly women are mostly anemic, this diet acts a complete diet with fibers in the coming years.
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