We like cricket diplomacy: US

Cricket might sound and look like Greek to the Americans, but they are in full support of the cricket diplomacy between arch rivals India and Pakistan. ‘We’re for cricket. We don’t understand it, but we like it,’ State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said replying to a query on resumption of cricket ties between India and Pakistan. The United States shares the interest of people in India and Pakistan in seeing these two countries continuing to improve their relationship, she said on Monday. ‘We have been supportive in all of our diplomatic encounters at every level with the Indian side, with the Pakistani side in some of the progress that they’ve made.They’ve made considerable progress on the economic side,’ Nuland said.

‘We are encouraging them to do better on issues like sharing counterterrorism information, dealing with threats to both countries, moving forward to work on trust and political issues, so we will continue support dialogue between them at every level, but it’s obviously up to Indians and Pakistanis to continue to work on this,’ she said. On the question of bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice, Nuland said that the Obama administration will continue to advocate for full justice being served, not least because Americans lost their lives as well.
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