We can’t be more than a week apart: George Clooney

George Clooney has admitted that he made an agreement with his wife Amal <g data-gr-id="66">Alamuddin</g> that they couldn’t be apart more than a week.

Clooney, 54, said closeness is the recipe to maintain their loving relationship.

“There was nothing tough about it. Our only adjustments are figuring out our schedules. Our deal is that we can’t be more than a week apart. So far that’s worked out pretty well,” he said.
The couple dreams about visiting their favourite place together.

“I’ll tell you, there are places I would like to be in the world with Amal that we want to go to that we haven’t gone. If I could be anywhere now, it would be she and I on a motorcycle in the middle of the French Alps near a town called Barcellonette, which is a Mexican village and it’s unbelievable,” Clooney said.

The Oscar-winning actor shared that he had an awesome relationship with the British-Lebanese attorney thus far.

“We don’t disagree on many things so far. We will see. And since she’s smarter than me, the only way we resolve anything is by arm wrestling. That is my only chance of winning anything with her because if it’s an intellectual battle, I would lose,” he jokingly said.
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