‘Was nervous to work with father’

Shahid Kapoor, who will be seen for the first time along with his father Pankaj Kapur in Vikas Bahl’s forthcoming romantic comedy film Shaandaar, says he was “very nervous” while sharing screen space with the veteran actor but later had ‘fun’ shooting with him.

“I was very nervous to work with him but my dad is very kind. So he helped me feel more comfortable and after a couple of days we both had fun,” Shahid told a media person.

“He doesn’t have any expectations. I hope I’ve lived up to Vikas’ expectations because he is the person whom I’m trying to live up to in any way. With dad it was an honour to share screen space with him,” the 34-year-old added.

Shaandaar is a kind of “family film” for Shahid as it also marks the debut of his half-sister Sanah Kapoor.

Asked whether he saw any hidden talent in her while working in Shaandaar, Shahid said, “Her talent is not hidden, it’s there for the world to see. She’s so talented and so good. She good this role by auditioning for it on her own merit. So, I’m very proud of her.” Shaandaar, which is slated to release on Thursday on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, also stars actress Alia Bhatt. The romantic comedy is Shahid’s first film after his marriage to city-based girl Mira Rajput earlier in July.

The Kaminey actor said that he didn’t do ‘quirky’ and ‘entertaining’ love stories after Jab We Met because it was “rare to find content which is unique and fresh in this space.” 

But with Shaandaar, he felt “all the characters were new and the world that he (Vikas) wanted to create of destination wedding was quite fairytalish.” 

“It’s something which I’ve never experienced before in films. It’s a movie that is accessible to everybody,” he added. Shahid also said that after doing a intense and dark film like Haider, Shaandaar was a perfect “change” for him. “After having done a film like Haider, which is very intense and dark, it was the best and biggest possible change that I could make to go from a genre like Haider to a film like Shaandaar. 

“I’ve a lot of faith in Vikas as a director. I feel he is extremely talented,” he said.

Talking more about Shaandaar, he said the film has been shot in different castles. “It’s a destination wedding film. I reme mber a lot of my friends coming and telling me about some of really funny things which happened whenever they used to go for a destination wedding. It’s a very entertaining destination to be in whenever you are in a destination wedding scenario. It brings out all the quirk that can happen most in a situation like that.”

Is he keen about showing Shaandaar to his wife Mira?

“I shot Shaandaar before I got married. This is the first film of mine that Mira would be seeing. So I hope that she really likes it and hope that it comes out as a good one,” he added. 
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