Vidya doesn’t enjoy doing multi-starrers

Actor Vidya Balan, known for portraying strong female roles, doesn’t see herself working in <g data-gr-id="33">multi</g>-<g data-gr-id="34">starrer</g> films at this point of her career.

“I don’t see myself doing a <g data-gr-id="55">multi</g>-<g data-gr-id="56">starrer</g> at this point of time. I don’t think I enjoy it all that much because there are just too many stories happening at the same time”, Vidya, who was seen in <g data-gr-id="57">multi</g>-<g data-gr-id="58">starrers</g> like Heyy Babyy and Bhool Bhulaiyaa, told media person over phone from Mumbai. The actor, who is busy promoting her forthcoming film Hamari <g data-gr-id="59">Adhuri</g> Kahani, shared that she is comfortable working with actor Emraan Hashmi and that they instinctively trust each other as co-actors. 

“The trust has strengthened over the past three films we have done together, especially in a film like this, where (director) Mohit Suri was constantly pushing us to feel every moment”, said Vidya, who was paired with Emraan in The Dirty Picture and Ghanchakkar. 

She will also be seen with Rajkumar Rao in Hamari <g data-gr-id="39">Adhuri</g> Kahani and the Kahaani star finds the National Award-winning actor “intense and a fabulous actor”. 

“I knew he was a fabulous actor anyway, but while working with him I realised how committed he is. He would keep up the intensity of the scene even in between takes. He is one of a kind amongst this generation of actors,” Vidya said. And how was it working with Suri, popular for making romantic movies?

“I was coming out of the theatre after watching Aashiqui 2 when I met Mohit Suri. And I told him that I want to work with him because I loved his work. He handles romances like romances should be handled.

“These days they only make romantic comedies, they don’t make real love stories or romances but in Aashiqui 2 I saw that <g data-gr-id="46">come-back</g> of romance, and I wanted to work with him. I am so glad that I have worked with him in a film like Hamari <g data-gr-id="47">Adhuri</g> Kahani, which is an intense love story,” said Vidya.

The film, which will hit the screens on Friday, captures the passion of unrequited love between two souls who can’t stop longing and loving each other despite their realities pulling them away from each other.  In times where female-centric films are competing with male-dominated ones, discrimination between female and male actors regarding pay scales pretty much still exists. 

The 36-year-old, <g data-gr-id="42">however</g> shared that she has been given the fee she has always asked for since she does different kinds of films, but agreed that disparity is there when it comes to movies with male leads. 

“There is a huge disparity and I am hoping that now with films like Heroine becoming successful, I am hoping that the disparity in pay scale gets corrected but I really feel that all the <g data-gr-id="50">actores</g> will have to get together for that. And decide that we are not going to settle for less,” said Vidya. Asked whether the actor, known for portraying “gutsy” and out-of-the-ordinary roles, would like to portray a living legend, she said that she would definitely like to step into Hollywood star Meryl Streep’s shoes. 
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