Sharad Pawar suggests opting Supreme Court formed panel for authentic probe into Adani issue


Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar on April 8 shared his detailed opinion on the Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the Adani matter. While talking to the media Pawar shared that he does not believe in the JPC probe due to its biased composition of members. He further suggested opting for a probe committee that will be appointed by the Supreme Court. Answering to media Sharad Pawar said, “I didn’t say anything special, all I want to say is that JPC’s composition will be biased as I believe that supposedly, if the committee has 21 members then 15 people will be from the ruling party and 5-6 people will be from Opposition. When the majority of members will be from the ruling party then to what extent truth will be out in public? There is another alternative is a committee appointed by the Supreme Court, the authenticity of the probe then will be more”

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