Authorities Under Scrutiny as Pitbull Attack on Toddler Sparks Outcry


In a shocking incident that transpired on January 2, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl fell victim to a brutal attack by an American Pitbull in North Delhi's Burari area. The distressing episode, captured on CCTV, has been circulating on social media, highlighting the urgency of addressing the escalating issue of pet-related dangers in residential neighbourhoods.

The young child, seated on her grandfather's lap, was suddenly attacked around 9:30 AM as the family ventured outside their home. The dog, under the ownership of Ujjawal Tyagi, lunged at the girl with ferocious force, attempting to drag her away. Quick intervention by neighbours spared the child further harm, although she sustained significant injuries.

Jageshwar Mehta, the child's grandfather, recounted the traumatic incident to the Millennium Post, revealing that the toddler suffered three fractures and required 18 stitches as a result of the vicious attack. Shockingly, the family alleges that despite the severity of the incident, the police have not taken any action even 17 days after the fact.

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