Video Forensic Lab to come up for better image profiling

The proposed ‘Video Forensic Lab’ will ensure tamper proofing as well as maintain the chain of custody. It will have the facility for image/video extraction and enhancement. The lab can be used for further image/video analysis like face recognition and the like. According to sources, the system will be able to handle all formats of video/audio/image files.

According to sources, the lab will have a software which will provide support for post-incident analysis of different format of videos, images and audios. It will have <g data-gr-id="45">facility</g> to level and enhance under/overexposed images. The lab will be equipped to make fine details visible in an image by suppressing the effects of noise in the image. It will also have the noise removal facility to reduce the <g data-gr-id="44">block</g> artefact. It will analyse recorded video streams from CCTV surveillance systems that provide invaluable information to law enforcement agencies or first responders. It will have the capability of a rich content-based indexing and advanced search capabilities for efficient analysis of video footage for post-incident analyses. It should create an index that can be searched, analysed and correlated. It will be able to process <g data-gr-id="43">large number</g> of events to provide cross-correlation and trend analysis capabilities.

The sources further said that the lab will be user-friendly and will manage servers, database, logs and other key parts of the system. It will provide single attribute and combined attribute search capability on people i.e. colour of <g data-gr-id="40">shirt</g>, baldness, eyeglasses, sunglasses, head colour, skin tone, texture etc. It can be also used for event detection and searching based on actual world measurements such as object length, height, size, and speed with selectable units of measure <g data-gr-id="39">meters</g>/feet.

The system will have the enhanced analytics capability to handle very crowded scenes and challenging environmental conditions. It will provide colour calibration tool to manually calibrate the colour using artificial object colours and existing scene objects or automatically correcting colours. 
The system will support processing Digital Video Recording (DVR) or Analog Video Evidence to decode files from proprietary security systems into <g data-gr-id="36">uncompressed</g> video. The facilities in the lab will also enhance dark videos and poor quality videos.

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