‘Victim very serious’

The condition of the Delhi gangrape victim deteriorated on Monday. The doctors said that on Sunday night she had internal bleeding which is of serious concern and a threat to her life. Dr P K Verma, ICU incharge of the Safdarjung hospital said,  ‘Her condition is bad and serious compared to Sunday due to the internal bleeding from the drainage tubes.’

Dr B K Athani said, ‘She continues to be critical and the sepsis has led to internal bleeding. Blood loss has been replaced by injecting fresh frozen plasma. She has been provided with adequate supplements, she is still on total parental nutrition (TPN) and continues to be on ventilator.’  He, however, added that her kidneys are making adequate urine and lungs are fine. ‘She is conscious and even communicating. Her drains are functioning properly. Her vital parameters are stable.’

Dr Sunil Jain, the attending surgeon, stated that ‘She is more distressed and still in danger. She is on antibiotics and as of now she is partially responding to the antibiotics. Her platelets count has increased to 70,000 and white blood cells count is 6,000. Bilirubin has dropped to 5.5. Body temperature ranges from 102 degree to 104 degree. Dr Rajesh Rastogi, HOD of psychiatrist department said, ‘She and her parents have also been reviewed and subjected to supportive psychotherapy.’ He further stated that she is relatively composed and showing real good fighting spirit. She even answered to the questions which were being put on scale to her in an objective format.
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