US issues alert for its people in Pakistan

The US embassy in Islamabad issued a security alert for its staff on Thursday and American citizens to take precautions for next two weeks, but did not state any reasons for it.

"This security message from the US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, alerts US citizens to travel restrictions for US embassy staff during the next two weeks," Online new agency reported quoting the US embassy.

The embassy has restricted its employees from going to restaurants and markets in Islamabad during April 27-May 5 due to "security concerns".

"We recommend that US citizens in Islamabad during this period take similar precautions," it said.

"Also, based on the current security conditions and a significant increase in the level of sectarian violence in northern Pakistan, the US embassy has prohibited its employees from taking personal trips to the Gilgit/Skardu area until further notice," the message added.

The US embassy "continues to recommend that US citizens defer all non-essential travel to Pakistan".

"US citizens should vary times and routes for all required travel. US citizens should ensure their travel documents and visas are valid at all times," it added.

The two countries are currently negotiating new terms of engagement for the resumption of cooperation in key areas like counter-terrorism.
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