UPA rule wasted opportunity: BJP

While lambasting the UPA government, senior BJP leaders Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj claimed that their rule was a ‘wasted opportunity’.

They said that no government can run on arrogance and there should be an effort to build consensus through discussions and not through tarnishing the image of Parliament. ‘It is unfortunate to see leaders bringing pepper spray inside Parliament. It was a disgrace and three sessions of Parliament were wasted on the Telangana issue by the Congress, who has no control over its MPs,’ Sushma, who is the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, said.

On the context of upcoming Lok Sabha elections, she said, ‘The first task of the next government will be to restore the institutions. We will accept whatever role the country’s citizens give us.’

While defending the BJP and its allies over the disruption charges against them, she said, ‘They had disrupted Parliament to expose the scams of government. The 15th Lok Sabha saw the highest number of disruptions. This government had so many scams and wanted us to set them aside and let Parliament go on. But we had to stall Parliament to expose the government and its corruption.’

Commenting on Telengana, she said, ‘We are happy that we could pass the Lokpall Bill and the Telangana Bill. The UPA had hostile attitude towards various established institutions. The PAC was not allowed to effectively function. The JPC on the 2G allocation scam came out with a report which damaged the credibility of the Parliamentary institution. The CAG was repeatedly attacked in Parliament. We would like to strengthen these institutions.’

Jaitley, leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, said, ‘More could have been done in this session. We would like to ask a question to Rahul Gandhi for his late entry into the fight against corruption. Rahul had never spoken on graft earlier.’

The 15th Lok Sabha has been the most disrupted ever with overall productivity being 61 per cent. Just 13 per cent of the time was spent on legislative business, 74 major bills were left pending and 20 bills were passed with less than five minutes of discussion.
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