understanding pet aggression

Do snakes really drink milk?

This myth has killed lakhs of snakes in India. Snakes are reptiles and do not consume milk. Milk is consumed and produced by mammals. Snakes drink water. Milk kills them.
What should I do if a snake bites me?

Most species of snakes are harmless and out of the ones that bite, most are not venomous. Nevertheless a snake bite is not a light thing and should be given immediate attention.

When you’ve been bit, it is advisable to stay calm so as to not increase the heart rate. You should not try to cut the wound or try to suck the venom out. Such an act is useless if you want to treat a snakebite.Get medical help as soon as possible. It is imperative that you remain calm. 

While help is on its way or you are going to a doctor, minimize your movement to decrease blood circulation. Try to keep the affected area at your body’s position vertically. Apply a pressure bandage to the affected area while help is arriving. 

Do not ingest aspirin or any pain relievers.Do not apply ice.Do not raise the wound above the heart. Do not try to capture the snake, but remember what it looks like or take a picture of it. Most snake bites are not fatal if timely medical attention is given to them.

Why is my pet aggressive towards only one particular person?
Cats – Confusion and fear are the main causes for this aggression towards a person. Your cat is a territorial creature of habit and it can be very unsettling and stressful for her to suddenly have someone unfamiliar spending time in the house. 

People often make the mistake of trying too hard to get kitty to like the new person. The owner almost forces the two together. The cat hasn’t had any time to do a scent investigation or figure out if this person is friend or foe. 

Add to that, the fact that this person is probably spending time in more areas of the house that the cat considers more of her personal territory. For example, if the cat is used to sleeping in bed with you and then suddenly she’s banished from the bedroom, it can be very unsettling and confusing. 

If you’re moving to your new spouse’s house or moving into a new house together, it can be even more overwhelming because now your cat has also lost all of her familiar territory. The cat first needs to feel comfortable around the person, it must be slowly introduced and have an opportunity to interact with the person in a stress free environment. It would be good if the person gives the cat a treat when they meet.

Dogs – Growling is a sign of aggression in canines, usually motivated by fear, protective instincts or the desire to be dominant over someone. The dog might view that one particular person he’s growling at as a threat to his safety or his possessions. 

Poor socialization as a puppy, such as lack of introduction to a variety of people, makes a pooch much more afraid of new people in his adulthood – but even a well–socialized dog could fear someone. Never punish an aggressive dog for his behavior. This will result in a pooch that becomes more aggressive and dangerous than he was before. 

Speaking in a loud tone of voice or suddenly picking him up might scare him and lead to growling. Other potentially scary things include certain articles of clothing, such as a hat, says the ASPCA. Advise whomever your pooch is growling at to remain as calm and soft–spoken as possible around it and to remove any extraneous clothing. 

You can make the dog get used to the person through positive reinforcement. Slowly decrease the distance and see the progress. Make meeting this person a good experience by giving attention to the dog and giving it treats when it behaves well in front of the person.

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