Unanswered questions: Who monitored CCTV footage? Who possessed the stolen keys?

The police are also looking into who was/were responsible for monitoring the CCTV footages, which were so frequently tampered with, a senior police official said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a senior CISF official — the central security agency deployed at Shastri Bhawan — informed that six new CCTV cameras were installed at crucial points near the petroleum ministry offices, in which the thefts reportedly occurred.

“The ministry was informed about the scandal and so they had taken this measure. However, the accused allegedly switched off all those cameras systematically before entering the premises for copying confidential documents,” said the senior official.

According to a source, the Central Registry Office in Shastri Bhawan is a separate department in itself, which keeps record of the various office keys and monitoring of CCTV footages. This department is reportedly active round-the-clock with officials working in shifts.

“So for every error —whether that be regarding the custody of keys or monitoring of CCTV footages — there will always be a concerned official-in-charge,” said the source.

The senior CISF official added that duty of the security agency in case of Shastri Bhawan is confined to ‘Access Control — Regulated Entry’ and not the internal matters — unlike high security zones with CISF given charge of full security — which are taken care of by the government departments on their own.

On Tuesday, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi also said no official of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has been questioned yet in this regard. But Bassi refused to comment on whether or not the police had the names of some more energy consultants or companies in their radar.

However, no top-level executives have yet been questioned in this case, despite the accused mid-level executives reportedly admitting that they used to analyse the documents and then push summarised reports to the top for decision-making and policy-framing purposes.
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