U’khand govt doesn’t want people to know truth about calamity: RSS

The controversy over the number of dead in Uttarakhand is just refusing to go away. Now the RSS has come up with a startling theory on why the state government did not accept Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s offer to rebuild the Kedarnath Temple.

Casting aspersions on Uttarakhand government’s decision to reject Modi’s proposal, Sangh mouthpiece Organiser, in an article titled ‘Why Uttarakhand rejected Modi’s proposal to renovate Kedarnath Temple,’ in its latest issue, says that the state government did not want people to know the truth of this calamity. ‘How can they unearth the dead bodies lying under the eight-ten feet debris of Kedarnath Mandir campus? Very likely, the government will make the path to temple on this debris only, without caring to remove it and recover the dead bodies which must not be less than one thousand here,’ states the Organiser.

The article then further states, ‘For obvious reasons, the Uttarakhand government has rejected the proposal of Narendra Modi to rebuild and renovate the Kedarnath Temple’. Gujarat  CM had received much flak for his ‘Rambo act’ of rescuing 15,000 people in just two days.

The Organiser while trying to defend Modi says, ‘The Uttarakhand government does not want people to know the truth of this calamity and its aftermath that is why it does not want to allow independent agencies and other governments to undertake rescue operations’. The article while being critical of the state government says, that the government could not put a net in Ganga to catch the dead-bodies, shows the insensitive nature.

Congress and BJP have already engaged in a war of words over the tragedy, with leaders of both the party’s taking swipe at each other on social media.
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