Tussle over Akki visit to crime spot

Actor Akshay Kumar, along with the rest of the cast of Special Chabbis, will visit the actual spot of crime, which has inspired the heist drama.

The film is based on a jewellery heist in Mumbai in 1983, where conmen posing as CBI officials robbed Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) store in Zaveri Bazaar, worth crores of rupees.

In broad daylight, 26 men, along with mastermind Ajay Singh (played by Akshay in the film) raided the store and walked away with all cash and jewellery.

‘TBZ heist is one of the most documented cases in Mumbai. For days, the media kept following and reporting on the smartness of one man called Ajay Singh. Yes, we plan to ‘re-visit’ the store in the coming week,’ Pandey said in a statement.

Akshay and his Special Chabbis team will visit the store Thursday.

But a statement from the jewellery brand said that Akshay is not visiting their store and his film Special Chabbis has no relation to the store in Zaveri Bazaar.

‘Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited (a Shrikant Zaveri Group company) denies any heist whatsoever at the flagship TBZ — The Original store in Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai. It also denies any heist or robbery in the 1980s as indicated in the ‘untrue’ news reports,’ said a statement.

‘It is well known that the incident of the heist (as referred to in the film Special Chabbis) occurred at a jewellery store (which has the similar name but belongs to another group) at Opera House in the 1980s. This store has no connection whatsoever with TBZ - The Original owned by Shrikant Zaveri,’ the statement added.
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