Tree hacking leads to clash in Bankura

Two groups of people clashed at Taldangra, in Bankura district on Friday morning.

A huge police force, accompanied by Rapid Action Force reached the spot to control the situation.

The police arrested 20 people from the spot who were belong to both the camp. Police said, the clash broke out over chopping of an old tree at the village.

The electricity wires were supposed to go across the tree, so the people from electricity distribution company had to chop the trees there.

But villagers from one side of the locality protested the tree chopping citing the reason that it was very old tree and a lot of religious connotations were affixed with its trunk.

Meanwhile, the some other villagers were in support of hacking the tree to bring the electricity there.

They started quarrelling with those villagers who were in support of saving the tree.

The quarrel started a violent fight. However no such casualty was reported.
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