TPDDL staff save 4 children from drowning

The employees of Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s (TPDDL) saved the lives of four children at Bawana River in Delhi. The incident took place around 5.15 PM on August 26 when the team comprising of Kamal Kaushik, Jai Prakash, Sachin and Rajesh were returning to <g data-gr-id="18">office</g> after metering assignments.

According to <g data-gr-id="27">spokesperson</g> of TPDDL, the team heard a noise from the crowd that a few children were drowning in the Bawana River and rushed to the site for help. The mishap occurred when one of the <g data-gr-id="26">child</g> moved into the river and due to imbalance was swept away by the river current. 

The river was quite deep and because of high current it was difficult to swim in <g data-gr-id="25">river</g>. In order to save the child’s life, other three children also jumped into the river. Unfortunately, none of them knew proper swimming, hence they all started drowning in the river.

The employees team sprang into action and first helped the three children by giving them a tree rope to hold and in the meanwhile they rushed to help the first child who was drowning fast and moved a bit far into the river. 

The team gave him the rope present in the TPDDL official van which they use while working on <g data-gr-id="21">pole</g> as a safety accessory. 

With the help of other members and <g data-gr-id="19">public</g>, they managed to save the lives of all the four children. 
It was a brave move on their part as they never had any specialized training related to relief and rescue operations.
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