Touch 201-units for power, pay Rs 454 more

While maintaining the subsidy on consumption of power up to 200 units, Delhi government has decided to adopt stricture norms to reduce consumption. As per the new norms, electricity bill of a domestic consumer would increase by Rs 454 by just crossing the limit of 200 units. So the middle class consumers falling in the marginal zone of 200 unit consumption slab will have to be more cautious and are advised to keep a check on their electricity meters.

If we calculate the power consumption of a domestic household having electricity connection of 2 KW and consuming 200 units of power in a month, the bill at the present rate of Rs 3.70 per unit would come to Rs 882.36. Subtracting the subsidy of Rs 1 per unit, the final bill would come to Rs 682.36. If the use is 201 units, just a unit more, the bill will be calculated at Rs 4.80 per unit, that too without any relief of subsidy. The final electricity bill would be Rs 1,137.28, Rs 454.92 more.

The poor and middle class will also have to shell out 70 paise more per unit of electricity, as the power tariff has been increased from Rs 3 to Rs 3.70 per unit. Consumers falling in the lowest slab range of 0-200 unit are around 59 per cent in Delhi.

Defending the decision, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said the recent hike in power tariff was imminent as the cost of producing electricity has gone up significantly.

‘The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission [DERC] has hiked the tariff. We have nothing to do with it. There is no alternative but to increase the rate as cost of power purchase has gone up significantly. We will continue to provide Re one subsidy per unit to those who limit their consumption up to 200 unit per month,’ said Dikshit. For the last four years, the Delhi government has been providing subsidy of Re one per unit for domestic customers whose monthly power consumption does not exceed 200 units.

Noting that power consumption has increased significantly, she said people need to change their habits to control power consumption. ‘People do not have control. People use four-five air conditioners. We will have to change their habits,’ she added.

Officials said as the DERC has now announced a new tariff order, government will have to take a fresh decision as the previous notification would lapse when the new tariff comes into effect. Power tariff for domestic consumers was hiked by a steep 26 per cent - the fourth increase in 10 months.
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