Took six months to understand what Majidi wanted: Rahman

Rahman and Majidi have collaborated for the first time and it was an entirely new experience for the Oscar-winner to work with Majidi.

“All the directors that I have worked with know my working style and music, they have seen me for 20-25 years now... But Majidi did not understand what I did, he knew nothing about me.

“So if I played some tune, he would be like ‘What’s this?’. It took me a while, a couple of sessions, to understand what he was expecting of me. Then I asked him what else he liked. I made him listen to other people’s work. On that basis, I made a list of his preference and that’s how I gauged his taste and what he wanted,” Rahman said during the screening of documentary Jai Ho.

The Grammy-winner, however, loved working with Majidi and it was a wish come true for him to have the chance to be a part of Iranian film.

Majidi is known for directing internationally acclaimed films like Children of Heaven, The Color of Paradise and Baran.
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