Too much pressure on actresses to look a certain way: Kajol

Indian Bollywood diva Kajol, returning to the big screen after a gap of five years with “Dilwale”, believes there is too much pressure on actores to look good which often takes the attention away from their work.

“There is too much pressure to look a certain way and it is wrong. Somewhere down the line you don’t have a life beyond that. Every morning you are getting up and getting dressed. It takes the attention away from your work,” Kajol told reporters in an interview.

The actor, 41, faced criticism for her public appearances in the beginning of her career and though her style sense has evolved over the years, Kajol is still not bothered by what people think about her looks.

“There is too much importance attached to it but at the same time it is there. You can’t get away from it. You can adapt to it or not. You have to take a stand... I have figured a way around it so I am comfortable with it myself. I don’t exactly make a fool of me in public anymore. “But after a point you will see me in my pajamas. It is something innate in me. I can’t be bothered about everybody’s opinion.” 
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