Tone matters more than words: Kangana’s love advice

Kangana was at a college here on Sunday with her co-star Imran Khan. They discussed with students some tips on boys, girls, attitude, friendship and love.

The girls of the college raised some cards with <g data-gr-id="71">messages,</g> and asked Imran to interpret them.
One card read, “We are just friends”. And Imran asked Kangana to interpret it. She said, “We are just friends means that though I am having a second thought about you, but keep <g data-gr-id="72">trying’</g>.”

Then she spoke the words in different tones, explaining how the meaning of the words can change.
“Tone matters more than words,” she stressed.

Kangana also shared advice on relationships, “When you are romancing a woman in a relationship, it should be poetic. 

“It should have layers. All beautiful things in this world are because of women.”

Talking about Katti Batti, Kangana said: “The film is a very genuine and a beautiful love story. It talks about the depth of the relationships. Youngsters want very deep love stories.”
Directed by Nikhil Advani, the film is releasing on September 18.
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