Tom Cruise’s narrow escape as a child

 Actor Tom Cruise says that he narrowly escaped a serious injury during his childhood when he tried to emulate a stunt by Evel Knievel.<br><br>The 51-year-old was a big fan of the stuntman and decided to recreate one of Knievel's famous canyon jumps, reports<br><br>‘I saw Evel Knievel jumping off a canyon and I lived on a steep hill so set up boards and trash cans to copy him. I was about eight years old and my sisters begged me not to do it, as I had been to the hospital a few times by this point,’ said Cruise.<br><br>Cruise set up ramps so he could leap over several trash cans on his pushbike, but his speedy descent down a steep hill and ended in disaster. When he careered into the bins and was left covered in blood on the sidewalk.<br>‘I realised halfway down the hill that I couldn't stop and it was too late to bail.’ he said.
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