Tihar life convicts with good conduct to learn green tech

Life convicts in Tihar prison with proven good conduct will now be trained in growing organic fruits and vegetables in the complex, an initiative which will engage them in a meaningful manner.

There are around 35 life convicts in Tihar whose conduct after 12 years of imprisonment has been found to be good by the prison committee and who have now been shifted to a quarter used as a semi-open jail in the prison complex.

These inmates will be engaged in organic farming under the guidance of experts, who will train them in growing vegetables and other farm products in a Green House.

“We have planned organic farming by life convicts with proven good conduct at a vacant plot of land measuring around 1.5-2 acre inside the prison complex to deploy them in meaningful and creative activity,” said Tihar DIG and PRO Mukesh Prasad.

The plan includes construction of a Green House for which land and labour is available with us, he said.

The idea to engage them in organic farming was borne out of the growing popularity of vegetables and fruits produced in a natural way without <g data-gr-id="22">use</g> of chemicals. 

Such vegetables and other products have a demand in the outside market.

Inmates working as organic farmers will earn wages for their work and the money earned through <g data-gr-id="31">sale</g> of the vegetables and fruits produced by them will be used for the welfare of Tihar prisoners, he said. The initiative is aimed at providing inmates an opportunity to reform and rehabilitate. Convicts released prematurely stand a good chance of channelising their energy in a positive direction and smoothly adapt to the life outside jail, Prasad added.

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