Ties with India set for ‘big boost’ under Modi: Chinese media

China’s official media on Tuesday gave its biggest coverage to an Indian political event and projected Narendra Modi’s elevation as Prime Minister as a harbinger of ‘big boost’ to bilateral ties.

‘Modi to boost ties with China’, state-run China Daily said, featuring Modi’s take over as Prime Minister on Monday in its lead story.  The daily recalled Modi’s visit to China as the chief minister of Gujarat in 2011 with meticulous preparations.  ‘He (Modi) presented a business card with one side in Chinese and in red the colour that symbolizes wealth and good fortune in China,’ it said.

‘With Modi taking the oath of office as India’s new Prime Minister on Monday,’ the report said, ‘such attention to China is expected to be repeated.’ Modi’s earlier visits to China to scout investments as well as to study the Chinese success story and concentration of much China’s $900 million investments in India in Gujarat was also adequately highlighted in the coverage besides the goodwill message by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Besides this, the daily also devoted a half page tracing Modi’s rise from grassroots politics to the PM of India.

Another daily Global Times too devoted a page with pictures of Modi’s swearing-in ceremony, specially the Indian Prime Minister greeting his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif during the event, which was also widely shown on state-run CCTV with commentaries by analysts. In its editorial titled ‘Congratulations to Modi’, the China Daily said the ‘sweeping victory of Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party in India’s elections was the outcome of Modi’s promise of reforms and credentials as an efficient doer in the state of Gujarat.’  ‘A purveyor of dreams in some people’s eyes, in the campaigning Modi pledged to end policy-paralysis, reduce inflation and tackle corruption, some of the most outstanding stumbling blocks on India’s way ahead,’ the editorial said. ‘His pragmatic economic blueprint has been so tantalizing to the market that it has reportedly boosted Indian stocks by 15% so far this year,’ it said, adding, ‘The Indian rupee, too, has gained considerably.’

‘And his preoccupation with development, which echoes this country’s own experiences and development philosophy, has inspired unprecedented optimism here over our South Asian neighbour’s growth potential’, the editorial said.
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