Three BTech candidates caught cheating

Three BTech candidates of the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia university, were nabbed on Thursday while cheating.

According to Khalid Moin, the proctor, ‘During verification process, we noticed that the person who had appeared for the examination was different from the one who had come with the certificates. When we grilled him, he confessed of committing the crime. The first one to be caught was Osama Hasan, son of Shamsul Hasan, who belongs to Kanpur. He had given Rs 2 lakh to his impersonator.’

The second candidate has been identified as Ahmad Saami, son of Mohammad Amjad Maroof, resident of Patna. On questioning Saami also accepted that some other candidate had impersonated for him. He had paid Rs 5 lakh.

He also said that the impersonator was arranged by a Patna-based consultancy called Admission Providers.

The third candidate Fayaaz Akbar had admitted not only to his crime, but had also identified the impersonator, Ajeet Singh, to whom he had paid Rs 8 lakh. Singh was also arrested by the police.

Moin also said, ‘Jamia’s zero tolerance policy against impersonating and cheating paid off when the three boys were apprehended. Jamia has already introduced mandatory photographing of candidates at the test centres prior to being allowed to enter the examination hall. In addition, Jamia also appointed identification officers at all the test centres.’ The three candidates were handed over to the Delhi police at Jamia Nagar Police Station.
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