This House is haunted

It isn’t enough that RamGopal Varma is back to shooting the sequel for horror movie Bhoot. Now to keep up with the spirit, the house that has been chosen for the shooting, comes with a spooky history.

The house wasn’t chosen because it has a story, but because at night it gives an eerie feel. Much later during the shoot of the film, RGV broke the news to the cast that the house they were shooting in, has belonged to many famous personalities.
‘We got to know the house has a history after we started shooting for the movie. The cast and crew did get a little spooked and scared when they came to know that someone had committed suicide in that house. I for myself was too busy trying to scare so never got time to get scared myself,’ said RGV.

The first owner of the house had committed suicide in that very house. The current owner of the house willingly gave the house to RGV for the shoot with a promise of not giving out the address of the house in the movie or the media.

The cast of the movie got quite spooked after getting to know this. They are trying to stick together for night shoots.
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