Third Front will form govt: Akhilesh

Uttar Pradesh CM and Samajwadi Party state president Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday alleged that BJP and Congress have hired foreign companies for their poll campaigning. ‘It was necessary for the country to prevent the communal NDA as well as the corrupt UPA to come to power and give the secular Third Front a chance to save the country,’ Akhilesh said during four election rallies in Ghaziabad, Aligarh and other places on Sunday.

‘Both the BJP and Congress have no candidates. They are depending on turncoats while they have engaged foreign companies to handle their campaigning,’ he said.

Yadav said UP would decide who would be the next PM and which combination will form the union government. Trashing the Gujarat model publicised by BJP, he also criticised Congress for its ‘Bharat Nirman’ slogan.
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