Third Front will come to power after polls: Mulayam

‘Both the BJP and the Congress will not get a majority on their own and there is all possibility of a third alternative coming to power,’ he said while addressing ‘Desh Bachao, Desh Banao’  rally in Bareilly here on Thursday.

Yadav said that Uttar Pradesh has always played a major role in determining the political balance at the centre and the coming Lok Sabha polls would be no exception. ‘This time the people of UP will have to play even bigger role to support the SP and the third front at the centre,’ he said.

He warned the people of the state not to be misled by the propaganda of the Congress and the BJP as they could do anything to come to power. ‘The designs of these parties were evident the way these parties have spread canard against the Akhilesh Yadav government,’ he said.

The former UP chief minister squarely blamed the Congress for the woes of muslims and the farmers in the country. ‘The Congress ruled the state for a major period since independence and nothing concrete was done to improve their lots,’ he said.

Talking about the Food Security Act, the SP chief said that his party wanted food should be given free of cost to the poor.’ In UP, the state government is making all arrangements to implement the Act within the stipulated time of July 2014 but as there is no fresh survey for ration cards, it is becoming a problem for the country,’ he pointed out.

UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav while addressing the gathering said that it was a big challenge to stop the communal forces to gain ground in the state. ‘The state has no place for the BJP’s policies and people will teach them a lesson in the coming Lok Sabha elections,’ he said.
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