Third Front a parking lot, mirage, says BJP

‘It was a mirage for the Third Front to form government at the Centre as it had already been tried before and had ended in a failure. It was just like a ‘parking lot’ where political parties come and go,’Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu said while addressing a press conference.

He said the parties in Third Front have no common agenda, they have no commitment. ‘They will fight election against each other and later join together to block the BJP. They have no leader.

Everybody wants to become prime minister. So, if it comes to power, will there be a rotational PM everyday in a week?’Naidu said.

Naidu also noted that the member-parties of the Third Front were equally responsible for the sins and corruption of the Congress-led UPA because they had been supporting parties in the alliance in both the two terms of the UPA. ‘The parties making up the Third Front, whether its Left or the SP, they can’t absolve themselves of the sins of the UPA as they all have supported UPA I and UPA II,’ he said. Naidu also attacked the AAP by terming it as the B-Team of the Congress. ‘AAP has been discredited after it joined hands with the Congress party against whom they had taken the vow to send them to jail for corruption,’ he said.

Commenting on the violence between AAP workers and BJP activists Wednesday in New Delhi outside the saffron party headquarters after Arvind Kejriwal was detained briefly in Gujarat, Naidu said AAP was creating tension before polls in order to be amidst headlines.
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