‘There is profound sexism in the film industry’

Mirren, 70, said the ‘profound sexism’ is still present in Hollywood today which prevents older women from scoring more movie roles, reported Daily Telegraph.

When asked if the acting industry less accepting of older women, Mirren said, “There is profound sexism... On the cinema screen, your face is 10ft high and 6ft wide. It’s huge. “I, as a cinemagoer, like to see beautiful faces up there it’s a pleasure. But there’s also the story and entertainment, and one wants variety in that. You also want, as an audience member, to see people that you recognise and can identify with.” 

But as to whether or not this will change anytime soon, Mirren doesn’t see Hollywood taking the first step. Instead, the actor believes real life role for women must change first.

“When roles for women in real life change, then you will see the change in the film industry. If we happen to see a (female) president of the United States and a world expert on marine biology comes on television and it’s a woman, or the female head of a petroleum company on the news.”
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