There is always a first time

First paycheck in life
SRK: I think it was in Siri Fort auditorium, and I think it was for Mr Pankaj Udhas’ concert. I was one of the ushers and I was paid Rs 50. I was chosen from a theatre group and Barry (John) had sent five or six boys and said, ‘You earn some money’ or something like that. I took that Rs. 50, sat in a train with friends and went to see the Taj Mahal.

First paycheck for your film
SRK: I think Hemaji’s (Malini) film (Dil Aashna Hai). I mean, they were all at the same time, so I don’t remember where the first cheque came from. But, I remember, I got some money for Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and I think Hemaji’s cheque was first. And I think that was followed closely by maybe Rajiv Mehra sahaab’s film.

First day of shooting
SRK: I think that was June 26 in Convent Villa, with Hemaji and the very wonderful, late Divya Bharti. I think I came out and she was in the room and I gave her a speech. I think that was my first film shoot.

First film you produced
SRK: Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. I had earned some money and invested it in that film. I think we set up a distribution company and released Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and then we lost all the money in the other ones that we released but, as a producer, yes, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani with Juhi (Chawla) and Aziz.

First friday?
SRK: I was shooting for King Uncle at Mehbood Studios. I didn’t even know that my movie had released and kya hota hai. I remember Rakesh Roshanji saying, ‘Aree, teri picture bohot badi hit ho gayi.’ And I remember walking home from Mehboob Studios. I didn’t live in Mannat then but in Aziz Mirza’s house next to Taj Lands End. And I was walking there and Salim (Khan) uncle on the balcony looked at me and said, ‘Abe tumhari film bohot chal gayi, bade star ban gaye ho tum.’ I didn’t even know that people follow up and there was something called the ‘trade’.

First brand endorsement
SRK: I think that was in Delhi. I did an endorsement for a shoe company but I think I did my first ad for either Tata Tea or Pepsi in Mumbai. In Delhi, I had done an ad for Liberty footwear or something, years back.

First magazine cover
SRK: Again, in Delhi. I don’t really remember, yaar. I think it would have to be Filmfare.
First international cover
SRK: I think Time magazine or National Geographic. There are a lot of magazines, so it could have been Man’s World or GQ. I think Time magazine was the first.

First house
SRK: My first house was in Amrit building in Bandra. Before that, I lived on rent in Aziz Mirza’s house, opposite Papillion. The first house I bought was in Amrit building.

First interview
SRK: My first interview was on the terrace with a journalist whom my mother also knew, Monojit Lahiri. I think he was with Hindustan Times. He did my first interview and a big story on my television debut.

First time you faced photo-journalists
SRK: I remember my first photo shoot, I was very uncomfortable. Sheena Sippy did my first photo shoot. I didn’t know how to do it and I think Mr Jagdish Mali had come. I think my mother and I had come for some personal work and he saw me in the building. We stayed in his building in a friend’s house and I think Jagdish Mali took a few pictures of me. But photographers, I don’t know, there weren’t many earlier, aur jitney bhi dost hai woh saare ke saare, must have been in studio Filmistan or jo Natraj studio tha, I think my first photo shoot was there.

First time you signed an autograph
SRK: Again, must be Delhi after Fauji because I think my character, Abhimanyu Rai, had become very famous. I think I have created three very popular, famous characters… Abhimanyu Rai, Rahul and Raj. And, in Delhi, I remember, there was this sister, mother and daughter, and somebody shouted ‘Abhimanyu Rai, Abhimanyu Rai!’ I stopped and signed an autograph for them. 
I didn’t really know how to write an autograph. 
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