There is a lot of me in Margarita...: Shonali

Filmmaker Shonali Bose says besides being inspired from her cousin’s life, her upcoming film Margarita With A Straw also has bits and pieces of her own emotional journey.

Shonali says the story comes from her inner-most self and reflects the emotions that she felt after losing her son in 2010.

“It is very difficult to bring a personal story on screen. It is a tough emotional journey. The film is not just inspired by Malini’s life but also mine. I lost my son, Ishaan in 2010. I started writing the story on January 20, 2011 which was supposed to be his 17th birthday. I wrote for 30 days at a stretch. So, a lot of those emotions have been incorporated in the story,” Shonali told PTI.

The filmmaker said it was tough for both Malini and her to bare their life-story to the world, considering both known and unknown people will come to know the reality of their lives.

“I have opened up a lot and invested myself emotionally into the story. Telling your personal story is a very brave thing and it required a lot of courage for me and Malini to bare ourselves to the world. I have been very open about myself,” she said.

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