The Script’s vocalist slams Pitbull

The Script band members, who also include Mark Sheehan and Glen Power, are upset with pop stars for recording meaningless songs, reports

‘There's a lot of meaning lost from pop songs. And it's unfortunate because music is the perfect vehicle for emotion,’ O'Donoghue said.

‘We just hope songs with substance will stand the test of time. We'd like to think that people wouldn't be listening to Pitbull in 20 years time. If they are then what a f***ing world that's going to be,’ he added.

He would love to pen a song that could cure all the problems in the world.

‘I really feel music can change people, I really feel it can heal. What I'm looking for is the f***ing song that can change something,’ he said.

‘Can a song change the world's problems? Can a world stop what's going on in Russia? Probably not. But will it stop me trying to write it? Absolutely not,’ he added.
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