The script has to justify our characters, says Naseer

Actresses-sisters Ratna and Supriya Pathak are married to Naseer and Pankaj respectively, but neither the sisters nor the brothers-in-law have ever been seen together on screen.

Naseer and Pankaj did star in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Maqbool, but they had no scenes together. However, both would be seen sharing screen space in Chandra’s film.

The actors, who share a cordial though distant rapport in real life.

‘I’d love to work with Pankaj. He is a fine actor. But the script has to justify our presence,’ said Naseer .Many directors have tried to cast the two stalwarts together, and failed.

Apparently Chandra, who made the critically-acclaimed Bhojpuri film Deswa, relentlessly pursued the two actors with a hard-bound script and with roles specially earmarked for both actors. ‘It was really Naseer Saab and Pankaj Saab and no one else for these parts.'
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