The money trail

It’s not only this case that has grabbed the eyeballs. The complainant of the Bhardwaj rape case has been in <g data-gr-id="24">limelight</g> for three more cases. Here are they:   

The first complaint that she registered was against her first husband and her brother-in-law. The FIR was registered under Section 498(A), dowry case. They had a mutual divorce in which she was compensated with Rs 40 lakh. In the second case, which is the Ajay Bhardwaj case, the victim had demanded an alimony which she didn’t get. Bhardwaj had promised to give her a flat for which they had also signed <g data-gr-id="17">an MoU.</g> Sources also revealed that the money she had got from her first husband was also taken away by Bhardwaj for his personal investment purpose. Thirdly, after the Bhardwaj case, the victim had filed another FIR recently against an American NRI under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code. After all these cases were registered, the rape victim was provided security by the Supreme Court. After orders from the Supreme Court about the <g data-gr-id="18">investigation</g> in this case, phone records of Ajay Bhardwaj showed that there had been talks between him and the American NRI.
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