Tharoor may have to undergo polygraph test

Indian Premier League (IPL) was not the main reason behind Sunanda Pushkar’s murder, personal rivalry with her husband or his associates may also be the reason behind her death, sources claimed. 

“It was beyond the IPL controversy and the alleged illicit relation with a Pakistani journalist. The Special Investigation Team is probing to unearth the motive behind the planned murder of Pushkar,” the source added.

According to sources, a multi-layered conspiracy was hatched to eliminate Pushkar in a planned manner. After the new twist in the case related to the motive behind the murder, sources did not rule out the possibility of contract killing. Former Union Minister, Shashi Tharoor, remains the prime suspect in the case and Delhi Police may ask Tharoor to undergo <g data-gr-id="36">polygraph</g> test. Recently, the SIT has completed polygraph test on six persons associated to the couple and the team is likely to conduct <g data-gr-id="38">brain mapping</g> tests too. After scrutinising the polygraph test report of the six suspects including Tharoor’s friend Sanjay Dewan, his driver Bajrangi, the domestic help — Narayan Singh, Sunil <g data-gr-id="39">Taraku</g>, Sunanda’s friend, ex custom officer — Vikas Ahlawat and SK Sharma, the SIT wants to question Tharoor to find the missing link.

It has also been learnt that few months before her murder, Pushkar had a heated argument with Vikas Ahlawat at a restaurant in Delhi. At the time of the argument, Pushkar’s son and her friends were also present in the restaurant.

“Tharoor might undergo <g data-gr-id="47">polygraph</g> test in <g data-gr-id="30">mid July</g> and the team is prepared with more than 500 questions,” the source said. 

He further added that a few answers given by the six suspects are unsatisfactory and to unearth the truth the team might go for brain mapping tests of all the suspects. Bajrangi and Narayan Singh remained the prime suspects.

Recently, the SIT has questioned two members of the film fraternity that includes Nafisa Ali, actress-cum-social activist and Advaita Kala, the writer of the Bollywood movie Kahaani. According to Sunanda’s call records, she had spoken to Nafisa Ali before her death. So far, as many as 70 persons have been questioned by the SIT and their statements have been recorded.
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